Pumpkin Patches and Painting Parties

I love Autumn! Hands down my favourite time of the year. Crisp Autumn air, rain, snuggling up in sweaters and blankets, fuzzy socks, and pumpkin everything! I’m one of those people that adds pumpkin to pretty much everything this time of year,  much to the chagrin of my hubster. And of course you can’t make pumpkin goodies without first acquiring the pumpkins

Would it totally shock you if I said until the last few years I never really did the whole pumpkin patch thing? Then the year I got married my Aunt found a nearby pumpkin patch and invited the family to come along. We’ve gone every year since, rain or shine, so you might say it was a bit of a success 🙂 Giant slides, petting zoos, and pumpkin canons, there is literally something for everyone.


This year there was a lot going on so sadly there was a smaller crowd, but it was still a nice break from the day to day grind and I got to spend a good chunk of it snuggling my newest niece. Baby snuggles are the best amiright?

One thing I have learned from going to the pumpkin patch with a large group is that everyone has a different definition of “perfect pumpkin”  The Hubster’s, for instance, is it must be symmetrical (As you can imagine that means some pretty serious time looking for his pumpkin) I tend to prefer the short squatty ones, and of course the little kids just want the biggest they can carry.


Once we finally found the perfect pumpkins it was time to decorate! We opted out of carving this year in favour of painting. Little man loved painting his pumpkin he took it very seriously and made sure he cover all the sides. He also tried to eat the paint >.<


Look at the concentration!


Our finished pumpkins!

Pretty soon we will cook them up and make all the pumpkin goodies! Which way do you like to decorate your pumpkins, carving or painted? As well as what qualifies as your perfect pumpkin. Feel free to post below with your pumpkins. Thanks for stopping by today!


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