Why I’ve been absent and an announcement

Hey! So I know its been a loooong time since the last post, but I promise it was for a good reason

I’m expecting baby number two!


Its an exciting time here, but morning sickness has been rather rough. (hence the absence)

We found out back in December. I had been sick and not getting any better and the Hubster informed me, “You must be pregnant!” He has yet to let me surprise him by announcing we’re expecting, he always tells me. Lol

But we did get to surprise our families. 12 days after we found out about the baby, we were having a small party for my birthday. It was seriously the hardest thing not telling any one I was pregnant, and finding excuses for the fact I was sick while my parents were staying over was quite tricky. But we prevailed and though we had to make the announcement shorter then planned (Had this cute little speech about how we had a family gift that was back ordered and wouldn’t be delivered for another 8-9 months, but I was too green around the gills. Hubster instead told everyone, “She is pregnant! Lets pray and eat!”)

I don’t think Little Man quite gets it yet though. He says “brother”, “sister”, and “baby” just fine, but when I tell him there is a baby in my tummy, he looks very concerned. I think he thinks I ate it.

I’m so excited for our newest little person and I do hope you forgive the rather large unexpected break I took. I am hoping to be on here a lot more now, sharing what little advice I have through the next few months. Thanks for stopping by!



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