Little tips and tricks

One of the biggest things that happens once you announce your pregnancy is people pop out of the wood work to give you tips, tricks, and advice.  From surviving morning sickness to the best way to endure labor. I have, as every pregnant women has, been given great tips and some really bizarre ones. I really wish I kept a list from my first pregnancy because I was told some really hilarious ones. 😀

I recently pulled/sprained my meniscus muscle in my knee which has left me sitting around with my knee perched upon a stack of pillows. (Seriously, my knee is getting quite the royal treatment here.) And since I have a little free time on my hands while perched here I figured I’d share some of my tips with you. I promise to try to keep them all serious and leave the bizarre ones for a later post.


Gin – Gins

via/ Amazon

I’m not planning on giving too many morning sickness cures because truthfully, you’ve probably heard them all already. Not to mention every person and pregnancy is unique and what works for one person doesn’t always work for an other and it can feel a little frustrating and overwhelming trying to work through them all to figure out what is best for you. That being said the one I will take about is this one. I had a really hard pregnancy with my first and while not as bad, this baby is definitely doing its best to make its little presence know in the form of the all too glorious morning sickness.

My aunt sent me these hard gin-gin candies in a surprise preggo package and they have really been a tummy saver. And they aren’t too overpoweringly ginger, which is great since I find most ginger candy too strong.


OGX – strength + body bamboo shampoo and conditioner

via/ Ulta

Along with morning sickness I must lament, pregnancy does not give me the beautiful healthy locks it gives a lot of people. Apparently I’m one of the lucky few that gets the totally opposite, lol. Now that I know this it isn’t that big of a deal, but I will admit in round one when my hair started falling out and being generally just unhealthy, I freaked out! This time when it started I just decided it was time for a new shampoo. Now props do have to go to the hubster on this one. I had found a shampoo that I wanted to try that was supposed to target hair shedding/breaking and was made with a bamboo formula, but it was pretty expensive. When we headed in to check it out hubster found these. Almost the same exact formula as the break-your-budget-shampoo, but for a third the price! And it has really worked too. Been using it it for about a month now and my hair feels so much healthier and I no longer have scary amounts of fall out overtime I brush. (and yay for cleaner drains)



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A really basic thing that we all have hiding somewhere in our house, but when your nose goes on the fritz these can really help combat it all. My StepMom-in-Law gave me an essential oil candle for Christmas. Let me tell you my kitchen never smelt so good. Bonus: they also make some great ambience. If you happen to have a Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or any store along those lines near by they are great place to find some amazing flavors- scents. My son has gotten used to being able to help me smell the candles before purchasing so now whenever we walk by the candle aisle he starts shouting, “Nose? Nose mommy?” I’m beginning to think he likes candle shopping even more then I do. 🙂


What to Expect When You’re Expecting

via/ Amazon

No, not the book you got from your doctor (Though you should read that too) I’m talking about the movie. It’s about 5 different woman and their very different journeys to mommy hood, and tons of good laughs on the way.  They even spotlight the daddys too which I love because it means I’m more likely to convince the hubster to watch it with me. Its a great movie to pop in and munch away on that treat you’ve been craving all day. Pickles anyone?



Personal time

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Whether its relaxing in a not-too-hot bath, reading a book, doing a puzzle, even baking a special treat. Whatever it is, having one thing you really enjoy doing that you can escape to do can really lift your spirits.  I have a very active toddler and a hubster in the middle of his bachelor degree so getting a mini mom-cation isn’t always the easiest. But giving myself even an hour after little man has gone down, to allow me to pamper myself has really helped my sanity. Pregnancy, while a rewarding time, isn’t always the easiest time. Your body goes through a lot of changes and your emotions tag along for the ride. Top that off with any sickies you catch, work, school, kids, just life in general it can take its toll. Take some time and just be kind to yourself, doing something you love. 🙂 And there are a lot of options out there to choose from, go pick a couple and pamper yourself tonight. Heck! even if you’re not pregnant take some time and give yourself a treat 🙂


Rock that Bump!


Somewhere in between all the crazy advice you are given, the random people coming up to you out of the blue and touching your bump (what is with that by the way??) and just living the life of a pregnant woman, it can be a struggle. People telling what you should weight, how you should be feeling, why you are lucky to be experiencing A B and C, and why you are so unlucky to not be experiencing D E and F. It can feel a bit like you are on display for any total stranger to comment upon. And that doesn’t even go into the inner struggles you may be facing: Body image struggles, pregnancy complications, work struggles, etc. What you are doing is amazing and so are you, even if you don’t always feel that way. My biggest piece of advice I would give to anyone who is, or hopes to be pregnant someday is: Surround yourself with positive people and rock that bump! Own this time and remember you’re pretty incredible 🙂

Also don’t be afraid to tell strangers not to touch the belly, cause thats just weird.




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