Trial by Cake

“You have been baked,

You have been frosted,

  and you have been found wanting!” 


You could say my life has been a journey of cake. I wasn’t very old when my mother started taking classes at our local Jo-anns. She became a certified instructor and made countless wedding, birthday, graduation cakes and the like. I spent a lot of time with my sisters watching from a safe distance as these sugary masterpieces were assembled. It still amazes me the amount of stuff you can make out of sugar, shortening, and some flour.

Fast forward a few years I got my first job working for Wal-Mart. Started out in the deli, but it didn’t take long for them to find out I was writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on cakes for customers after bakery hours and ask me to move over. Better hours, less grease and the airbrush machine, how could a girl say no? Plus, I went home smelling like icing instead of fried chicken, really no way I was turning that down.

A couple years ago Wal-Mart and I parted ways. As much as I DON’T miss Wal-Mart I do miss my cake decorating days, and the airbrush. I was the airbrush queen! I got to make some amazing cakes and make some really good friends.

The Hubster doesn’t really like cake, so with the exception of slapping icing over top of a birthday cake, there hasn’t been a lot of chances to do any decorating. Well I decided I needed an other go at making a cake (and an excuse to buy decorating tools 😉  ) so I volunteered to make the birthday cakes for my Nephew and Niece’s birthday party. Rules were an orange robot cake and a gluten free princess cake. Other then that I was given free reign. I sat down, planned, plotted, and strategized.

Now, during my Wal-Mart days I was very familiar with what I liked to call the Cake Fairy. Not an evil fairy per-say, just super mischievous. He is a bit like Puck from ‘Midsummer Night Dream’. Messing around with things just because he can, shaking things up, making your roses melt…. Well, apparently he missed me and decided he needed to make up for the 3 years I had been absent.

Saturday was the party so I had planned to get all my shopping done by Friday. That way I could get the cakes baked and the icing made so Saturday all I would have to do is decorate. Well Friday came around and I hadn’t been able to go shopping yet, but I still (thought) had plenty of time to go after Little Man woke up from his nap. Little Man woke up and we bundled up and headed to Bi-mart, our first stop. Had to grab icing ingredients and my Jeep was running low on oil. That is a really  weird combination to put up on the cash register, motor oil and powdered sugar. But so far so good, first stop done! I had to get gas then on to Michael’s for the cake pans.

After filling up at the gas station I went to turn my key and…..nothing. Trying really hard to suppress my panic I tried again, still nothing. I was going to need a tow truck as I was stuck smack dab in the middle of the gas station. Turned out my phone battery was dying and the gas station wasn’t too far from our house, and Hubster needed to come get the Little Man as the tow truck wasn’t going to have space for all of us, so he came down to call for the tow truck. We managed to push my car out off to the side so I wasn’t blocking business anymore (its really hard to steer without power steering BTW) but by this time its getting dark and raining. We waited for two hours in the parking lot waiting for the tow truck. With a two year old that is not optimal. Little Man did really well considering the circumstances but it was easy to see his patience was wearing thin. We were also running the risk of Michael’s closing before we got there and I NEEDED those cake pans. Finally the gas station owner told us we could leave the Jeep there overnight if needed and we decided to try again in the morning. We called the tow truck company and told them the plan and started to take off. Just as we pulled out of the station the long awaited tow truck pulled in. Turning around as fast as legally allowed we headed back to meet up with the tow truck driver and he was able to jump the solenoid and the Jeep was running! Hopping in I headed off to Gigi’s, with Hubster in hot pursuit, to leave the car there so we could fix it later (apartment complexes tend to frown on pulling your car apart in the parking lot 😛 ) and then raced to Michael’s so I could grab the cake pans. Made it 30 minutes before they closed! The rest of the night/early morning progressed fairly non eventfully and I was able to catch a short nap before Saturday morning.

Saturday morning decorating started well, Hubster got Little Man up and kept him out of my hair and he even volunteered to get breakfast so I wouldn’t have to. He set Little Man up on the couch with pillows, blankets, and ‘The Heffalump Movie’ and headed off. I was only mixing colours so it wasn’t hard to keep an eye on him. Heading back in to the kitchen to grab the next colour, I was only gone for not a minute when Little Man comes walking into the kitchen with something clutched in his hand. “Here.” He said, dropping my OnGuard essential oil blend bottle into my hand. How he got it I do not know, what he did I do not know, but I can see its all over his face and, horrified, I realise I’m pretty sure he drank some. I can’t tell how much, there is still over half a bottle in the vial but I’m not taking any chances. I call the poison control while washing off Little mans face and hands and trying to get him to drink water. The lady on the other side of the line assures me that I have taken the right steps and based on how much liquid is in the bottle he will be just fine. Hubster walks into to find me still on the phone trying to calm down our now very soaked and very powerfully scented child. Onguard has clove and cinnamon in it and he smelled of it all day. So did our house. Thankfully he had no other side effects and my oils have been moved to a much much higher shelf.

After all that fiasco the rest of the decorating went extremely  well and we got ready to go. Only now it was pouring buckets and buckets outside. We needed to keep the cakes as dry as possible so Hubster stood guard by the back hatch to open it as I brought the cakes down one at a time and ran them out to the car as fast as I could. Took about three trips total but they all got to the car without colours running or getting raindrop marks on them! And as stressful as the drive over was the cakes made it without any problems. I blabbed poor Hubster’s ear off about anything and everything in an attempt to remain calm. It didn’t work. We did joke about how there was no way I couldn’t write a blog post about this, car problems, being stranded, and poison control all for cake.

Finally got the cake delivered and finished up the final touches. The kids loved the cakes which really made it all worth it and at the end of the day we headed home happy and tired 🙂  (and in Little Man’s case still smelling of OnGuard)


The orange robot cake…


…and the gluten-free Princess cake. For not having decorated in the past three years I’m pretty happy with how they came out. The smiles on the kid’s faces was still my favourite part. 🙂


Also its amazing how much smoother the ride is without cakes in the back of the car.


4 thoughts on “Trial by Cake

  1. Surviving these sort of adventures make you sure you can handle pretty much anything the cake fairy can throw at you! 🙂 And it is funny how the road back is so much smoother than it was going! You did a great job.


    1. Thank you so much! They were pretty tasty 🙂 Lol, my first cakes looked nowhere near this nice, one of my first cakes the red icing writing bled into the base and it look rather horrific. 🙂


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