We are still here!

If you follow my blog at all you’ve probably noticed I am a bit awful at updating regularly. I could blame it on all the things we are doing this year, and that would explain most of it, but I am also a pro procrastinator. And I am sharing the laptop with a online college student and school trumps blog. lol

But I have been sitting on the phone on hold for over three hours and figured, ‘Hey, what better time to do a quick update right?’ (And whatever happened to the option of leaving a call back number?? This hold music is terrible…)

I know last time I posted I mention we had a lot going on that I couldn’t talk about as it hadn’t been finalized yet. Well its been finalized, just not how we thought it would be…

For the past 5 years the Hubster has been trying and applying for one job. Every time a position opened he entered, and every time he got so close but in the end was turned away. You can imagine after 5 years of this it got very discouraging and, for me, it was hard to see the disappointment after every rejection. We sat down and talked about it this year when the position was opened up again. Hubster wanted to try again but I was hesitant. We finally agreed that this would be his last time, the final hurrah if you will. If he got it, great but if not we would shut that door for the last time and be done trying.

Well this time he was offered the position! The job would move us 3 hours away from where we are now, and until he signed the paperwork we decided to keep it under wraps. Really glad we did, because for some unknown reason we got an email saying the job offer had been rescinded and they appreciated his efforts but wouldn’t be going forward anymore. So instead of announcing on here that we were moving, like we thought we would be, suddenly the big announcement was gone. Made it a little harder to want to blog about that.

A lot of good has come out of all this though. Hubster has really pushed himself at the job he has now and has been kicking butt and taking names. I think having the possibility of a career change eliminated has really helped him settle in and go for it. He actually won a get-a-way recently to the coast (Which I hope to be posting photos of here shortly.) We had a nice break and Little Man LOVED the beach.

We also have hit the final stages of prep work for Baby E, been able to see cousins graduating, and my Sister-in-law’s wedding is coming up in just a few weeks! Lot of prep work and lots of showers and parties to attend 🙂

Sadly I forgot to take photos for most of these events but here are a few from the showers:

My baby shower, which my Sis-in-law did a fabulous job on. The cutest ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ party ever! She had everyone wearing gold paper crowns and the shower game involved passing around gifts as she read the story aloud.


The wedding shower was an other absolutely fantastic theme. We did an “Up” inspired theme as one of the couple’s favourite sayings is, “Adventure is out there!” Our Aunt did the decorating and as per her usual, she really nailed it! I got to help a little by making the hot air balloon center pieces (Let me know if you guys want a tutorial on that!) But she did the rest and it was so cute!


As you can tell from these photos I married into a crafty and creative family 🙂 I really wish I had remembered to snap more photos cause they really did such a great job at both parties. These photos really don’t do near enough justice.

So thats pretty much what we’ve been up to, with a lot more to prepare for in the next few weeks 🙂 All very exciting and very busy. I promise to try to be a little better at updating the blog, but a big thank you to everyone that is still following me regardless of the gaps. 🙂







Summer is officially here!


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