Family fair time outing

Hey there! I’m back to posting. Last time I was on here I was packing the last of my stuff into a hospital bag and waiting for Baby E’s arrival. Well, he took his sweet time (Went over due date and had to be induced) but he is here and now I get to announce the name behind the initial.

Baby E = Ethan!


(Now that he is here I’m probably going to switch the blog nicknames for the boys, but I’m still working on that. I’ll get back to your guys.)

He was born about two weeks ago and he has been growing, sleeping (he is currently snuggled up beside me as I write this), and making us all smile. Little man is absolutely loving his little ‘brudder’ and is constantly covering him in hugs and kisses.

And we’ve all really enjoyed the past two weeks of family bonding, but we’ve been feeling a bit cooped up and the Hubster decided to surprise us today and take everyone on a family adventure. Baby E’s first big outing!

But since it was his first big outing we knew we had to keep it fairly close to home, and it just so happened the State Fair was going on this week. Still a bit of a drive but no where as long as some of the other options we were considering. Plus, Little Man got to see all the farm animals. which pretty much made his day.


It was a bit toasty but we had a such a great time. Stopped for ice cream, Little man and Hubster rode the merry-go-round, and Baby E slept the whole time.


I had to take a photo of the chicken coop for my mother. She sings a happy chicken song to her chickens, and she would own this chicken coop in a heartbeat. 🙂

Also, there was a tank full of salmon, and while we were admiring them, I overheard someone telling his family that if you let salmon grow for long enough they turn into sturgeon. o_0 Haha! I don’t think thats how it works.


Such a great day and felt so nice to get out of the houses. Now that Baby E is here we are hoping to have more adventures and more blog posts. Obviously there is still a lot to on our plates and lots of sleep to catch up on, but keep tuning in! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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