Ipsy review – video

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my post a little over a week ago, telling you something exciting was coming. Something in the form of a collaboration with my sister-in-law, and fellow blogger, Ari. You can check her out at her blog, Life as a Koellmann, and you really should! She is an amazing woman and her blog has some pretty awesome tips for anyone who might be looking and prepping for getting married. As well as some photos from her recent trip to Hawaii to help with any rainy day blues you might be suffering. (Though personally I’m really really excited about Autumn!)

Anyway, back to the collab… It took a little longer then expected but I finally finished it so I can share it with you. Guys, we did our very first video! If you couldn’t tell I’m pretty excited. I’ve never done anything like this before, but we had a ton of fun! (and had to take several different takes. Between the boys and our laughing we had plenty of material for a blooper reel) Editing was a little harder then I thought. Huge props to the people that posts these on a fairly regular, if not everyday, basis. How you do it I do not know!

In our video we reviewed our Ipsy glam bag products from August. What’s Ipsy you ask? It is a sample subscription service for makeup. Its $10 a month for the bags and each bag comes with around 5 samples of different makeup/hair product/skin care products. All picked to match the preferences you set when you sign up and set up your account. They ask you everything from hair and eye colour to what makeup trends you tend to follow when wearing makeup. It really is a cool idea and, if like me you struggle with buying new products you haven’t been able to test before, its a great way to dip your toe into all the countless different brands and products out there in the retail world. And value-wise what you get inside your bag every month can equal $30 so you are getting your monies worth which is always a nice pro. (And you get reusable bags you can use for traveling of for giving gifts)

Yes, I know its almost October, but we wanted to use our products for a minimum of a week before posting the video. And I just had a baby and she just recently got married so, needless to say, our schedule was pretty tight. Oh, and both the boys make cameos in the video. We had to film in the middle of the week and slightly short notice, so we had to try to keep them entertained AND quiet while filming. Which was rather amusing as I’m sure you can imagine. In fact if you listen really closely you can here ‘Dinotrux’ playing in the background for little man and baby grunts coming from baby E. We actually had a small hassle trying to film too. In order to get good lighting we pulled the dining room table into the living room and set the camera up on my lamp (which also decided to randomly break while we were moving it) We started out on my camera, but it didn’t want to cooperate with the laptop, which we were using as our screen to make sure we stayed centered. Unbeknown to us until after filming the entire first take, the camera had slowly slipped down through out the clip. By the end of the video you couldn’t see us at all because the lens was pointed directly at the table top! So we reset with Ari’s camera and filmed it all over again. In the end we got it, through misbehaving cameras, spit up incidents, numerous takes, and almost burning dinner we finally prevailed!

I wasn’t able to upload the video directly to my blog at this time but here is the link:

~Click here for the video!~

All in all it was fun way to try new things, and being able to offer reviews on the different products is a fun way to branch out and do something new (the video) as well as gives me something I have to post at least once a month (yay for regularity)

I hope you check out out video, and come back for the next months. And please, feel free to comment with any tips or tricks you have for the next video. This is all very new as I am sure you can tell! 😀




2 thoughts on “Ipsy review – video

  1. You guys did such a great job it looked like you had lots of fun and I loved what you had to say about the product. I loved hearing about the difference between oily and dry. I love the bloopers and I can’t wait until the next video.


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