The Tale of Two Camps – pic heavy

Quick update: Here on the blog I use nicknames for both my husband and the boys. Its just a personal preference of mine as the boys are too small to really have a say on whether or not they want to have a big presence on here or if they want their real names being used all the time. My oldest has gone by ‘Little Man’ since day one and our newest addition was going by ‘Baby E’. However, as he gets older the baby part will eventually not fit, so we are going with a new nickname that Little Man came up with, ‘Bro Bro’

And with that we now return to our regularly scheduled program…

Camping. I love it! Even as a youngster, camping has always been something I enjoy. The outdoors, the fresh air, what’1s not to love? And its been fun going from tag-a-long camper with my parents, to planning camping trips (and meals) as a wife, to introducing it to my kids. Now we took Little Man on his first camping trip when he was pretty young and Bro-Bro has been no exception.

I’ve been told by some people that we are crazy for taking our newborn camping, or that they are impressed that we survived. And in many ways I don’t blame them, camping with a infant is not easy but it is doable. And in the long run I think it can be pretty helpful. We never take them before their two weeks appointment at the bare minimum. Though we waited until both boys were at least a month old before any of our camp trips. (There is so much adjustment in those first couple weeks adding anything on top of that, for us at least, is overwhelming.) The benefit of going when they are so little is, as they get older, it isn’t a huge adjustment for them or for you. They’ve done it before so you both can feel like old hands at it.

Taking a baby camping involves a lot of new things to pack (and a lot more to pack then you probably ever have before lol. More on that in a later post) for them and for mommy and daddy. BUT- they aren’t old enough to run off or worry about them falling into the fire. So, in a way, it give you a chance to adjust to the new camping member before you have to worry about where they’ve disappeared to, or what they are up to. Maybe it is just me, but I feel more prepared for camping with my toddler because I got used to camping with him when he was just a wee babe in arms.

Now, for our adventures!

Camp #1 – Detroit Lake

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

This was our first of our ‘camping with two’ adventures. We met up with Hubster’s sister and her hubby at Detroit Lake. A beautiful reservoir with a large campground and fishing access that both Hubster and I had been to before but never together (it had also been several years since either one of us had gone back) Not to mention, while a bit of a drive, it was still close enough to home if Bro-Bro didn’t handle it well we could go back relatively easy.

And both the boys did a great job! They behaved quite well. What didn’t behave however was the weather. What was supposed to be 70’s,  with mild sprinkling on the last day, turned into a mini monsoon! Thankfully I packed lots of layers though somehow both mine and Hubster’s rain coats got left behind, Eek!

We showed up late Friday night, set up, ate dinner and headed off to bed after a long fireside chat. No rain yet, but by the next morning it was becoming obvious we were going to need to set up tarps and keep the fire stoked all day.

Little man also got his first try of a real honest to goodness, camp roasted s’more.

Needless to say- they were a huge hit! And he truly could have cared less about the rain. he had a great time playing in the dirt mud and splashing through the puddles as we huddled under shelter and played phase 10 and watch as our campground tried to flood. The guys did attempt to go out on the boat and do some fishing, but as the rain storm got even stronger that was soon abandoned.

We also opted to head in to town and eat dinner there for a little warmth. The place may have looked like a bit of a dive, but the food was amazing! Hubster has deemed it his favourite pizza ever.

The guys snuck out super early the next morning and went to fish under the bridge. (They only caught one fish and had to let it go) Us girls stayed back with the kids and slept in, but even though it had finally stopped raining everything was soggy. Not to mention our tent floor had leaked during the night and soaked Hubster’s last pair of pants. He was, quite understandably, a bit cranky and miserable. So we voted that instead of trying to cook breakfast at the campground, we would retreat to Hubster’s sister’s place. It was closer then our house and we were able to cook up giant breakfast burritos and hot coffee and get everyone in a happier mood. Mini monsoon or not, we really did have a good time and the boys did great. On to the next adventure!

Camp #2 – South Twin Lake


This was the campground I remember going to the most as a kid. We used to go every year for my dad’s birthday. Eventually through the years though that tapered off, but my dad started taking about wanting to revive it. Only this time we’d rent out one of the big cabins for the whole family to stay in.

Most of the family was able to come for this inaugural trip. My little sister (who is temporarily out of state with work/school stuffs) was able to get the time off to come but, sadly, our older sister wasn’t 😦

The cabin’s were quite comfy and rustically charming. They kept us all warm and dry (which since it ended up snowing one day, I am very grateful for!) and it was nice being able to cook big meals for everyone in a real, albeit small, kitchen.

And guys! We caught so many fish! We estimated somewhere between 45-50 total from everyone, all three days. We only kept a few, but everyone there caught a least one fish. (except the boys who weren’t quite old enough to fish, though Little Man helped Papa row the boat)

Oh, and speaking of boats, Little Man got his first ride in Papa’s boat. He looked adorable in his lifejacket (or boat-coat as he calls them) It squished his pudgy cheeks even bigger! LOL

He was really nervous at first and I thought he was going to freak out as the boat started rocking a bit, but he settled down and was soon trying to take the oars and do his own thing. He also keeps asking to wear his ‘boat-coat’ now that we are back home.

And we had s’mores again, but these were no ordinary s’mores. No sir! I gourmet-ed them up. Firstly (and I still can’t believe this) I found marshmallows that were actually safe for my family. If you remember a few posts back I mentioned my family suffers from a plethora of food allergies. Among them- Corn. Which has made marshmallows a no-go for quite some time as they are almost all made with corn syrup and corn starch. But I found a brand that is gluten/corn free and is sold in local stores!  Dandies not only are safe for the family, but they are so much better then a basic marshmallow. Which truthfully I don’t like the normal ones, but the dandies I could eat straight from the bag all day everyday. They are probably the only kind of marshmallow I will buy ever again.

We also used the ghirardelli squares in the mint, caramel, and dark chocolate flavors. Fancy flavors plus they are already the perfect s’more size. Holy s’mores Batman! These had to be the best s’more ever! Try it if you don’t believe me 😉

I also got head down to the lake and take lots of early morning foggy photos. I love this time of year and foggy mornings are just the best way to start a Autumn day.

It was a great way to wrap up our camping trips for the year. We didn’t put in for tags so no hunting this year. Thats a little bit of a rougher, more rugged camping experience and one we knew would be a bit too much with a two month old.

What places did you go camping this year? Or is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?

I hope you had fun looking through the photos and I really hope you let me know if you try ghirardellis s’mores and dandies marshmallows. Also we need a name for these- I’m thinking s’mores ultimate?


2 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Camps – pic heavy

  1. Love the pictures! Especially the one of Little Man helping with fire wood in Detroit. And I was unaware that you had a picture of him helping mix up the pumpkin waffles. ❤


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