Pumpkin patch and Zoo (pic heavy)

In the spirit of catching the blog up I’m sharing the photos from the birthday celebrations for Little Man.

Hard to believe he is three now! It does NOT feel like its been long enough. Its so much fun to see him growing up and becoming more little kid and less toddler/baby. Though, I’m not going to lie, looking through old photos I sometimes really miss his baby stages.


But more then anything I’ve loved seeing him step up into the role of big brother. He handled Bro-Bro coming into our lives so much better then we imagined. Yes, we have still had some meltdowns and adjustments to make (and we’ve had to explain why its not okay to perch on top of our little brother, haha), but he loves his little bro so much and enjoys helping however he can with him.

So for his third birthday we decided to of go the big party and keep things mellow (a theme you will see throughout the holiday season this year.) We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and then, later that week, we met up with Aunty Ani and checked out the zoo!


The pumpkin patch


We have one patch that we have gone to every year since we have been married, save one I think. Its a big patch on a little island not too far from town. The pumpkins are a bit more expensive then say a supermarket, but they make up for it in the experience. train rides, hayrides, petting zoos, and pumpkin cannons. The pumpkin cannon are probably our favourite.

The plan had been to meet up with family at the patch but, we got stuck in a massive line waiting for the ferry. So after waiting for 30 minutes to finally cross the river, we showed up in time to say ‘Hi, bye!” to everyone before they left. One quick train ride with the cousins was managed to be squeaked in which was nice.

A quick bite to eat (Can you say pulled pork nachos? Ohhh yeah!) and then we hopped on a tractor ride down to the patch. Where, of course, Bro-Bro proceeded to spit up all over my entire right side. Way to look glamorous huh? 😛

In the end we found two pumpkins, got completely covered in mud (and spit up) and had a great time!



The Zoo


Next it was on to the zoo! Now this didn’t go quite like planned either. We ended up getting a late start. Which on the good side meant it wasn’t really that crowded, but we ended up staying right up to closing and we weren’t able to see everything. Just means we have to go back sooner 😉


about halfway through we realized the zoo was going to close in 5 minutes. We also realized we hadn’t seen anybody in a good 10 minutes. We had the whole place to ourselves pretty much. Let me tell you, a slightly deserted zoo is a bit eery feeling! We kept making jurassic park jokes on our way out, haha!


Unfortunately, due to the near deserted state of the zoo, all the restaurants were closed. So we headed into town to attempt to find somewhere to eat. And after a few wrong turns and several google map searches we finally chose Pizzicato


I scarfed my food down before I even thought about taking a photo, but guys, it was soo good! Definitely somewhere we would go to again. I recommend their panini with caesar salad. Those croutons! Everything was cooked well, and the ingredients tasted nice and fresh. My only complaint would be there wasn’t a ton of seating space, but the food made up for the campiness of everyone plus a car seat carrier.

If you’re still with us after all the photos, thanks for stopping by! Also, I noticed a lack of food posts by me recently, so let me know what kind of recipes you would like to see and I will see about remedying the food gap.



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