Pink Hair | Ipsy Review (Oct)

I have always wanted to do something crazy with my hair.

But between work place dress code and just plain chickening out, I never have. Now if you follow me on Instagram this is all old news to you. However, just in case you missed it….


Rose gold if we are being trendy.

It all started because of Pinterest. Pinterest Made me do it. Okay, not really. It did give me the idea for the colour though. I was scrolling through my feed when I saw a lady with this gorgeous pinky colour they call antique rose. It got me started thinking about dying my hair. It wasn’t too long before I had a entire board filled with different pinks, and rosy colors. But at that point it was just a board of ideas. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to do it this time.

I should add, I have never dyed my hair before. Soooo, not only was doing such a drastic colour a bit intimidating, the process of dying my hair was too!

But I really really wanted to do it this time. Even if it looked terrible and I had to chop it all off, I wanted to try just once.

So, I sat down and showed the Hubster my Pinterest board and talked about the cost. He was very un-shocked about it (very anticlimactic response to it all, the stinker) but he agreed I should do it. His Sister’s wedding was coming up in a few months and we were both in the wedding party. There was NO way I was doing this before the wedding, and Bro-Bro was due only a couple of weeks after the wedding, so we decided to hold off until later this year.

When the day finally came everything went really smoothly. I had to bring the boys but they behaved so well. (And my hairdresser is so amazing! Not only at doing my hair, but she is completely okay with Little Man playing in the studio, so long as its not busy.) My hair is normally quite the monster, but it took the bleach and hair dye so well we joked it must have secretly wanted to be pink its whole life.

I love how it looks so much I’m trying to figure out if I can afford to keep this up for the long run. Its been almost four weeks and its still pink. Faded yes, but still pink. I can either refresh the pink or let it fade and do a different colour. Maybe I’ll do platinum blonde next!!

This experience has woken up my inner Katy Perry. I want ALL the hair colors now!!


We have the newest Ipsy review posted, so you can go check out how the colour looks in action. And, you know, check out our review too… 😛

~Click here for video!~

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any great ideas for a new hair colour let me know, you just might see it.


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