New year, new blog?

Over the next couple of week I hope to get the blog updated with photos and stories from the holidays. And Ari and I will be uploading more ipsy videos, never you fear! But the pensiveness that falls on me at the end of an old year and the start of a new got me thinking.
I started this blog for one reason, for me. That sounds super selfish but it is true. It gives me a place to post my photos, give you my opinions, and even show off my amateur chef skills. Yes, I have dreamed that perhaps the blog would take off in such a way I could make a little extra income for my family, but at the very core of it, I knew I needed to want to do this even if it just stayed in a virtual corner somewhere. I have enjoyed doing this so much, and I have some fun ideas for 2017, but I realized something was missing. Something I had unintentionally left off.

Openness and honesty.

No, I am not saying I have been lying to you guys and making up stories to fill my pages in with. If you look at my old post though you might notice I tend to skip and glaze over anything negative. There are a few reason I haven’t really shared them before:

a) Let’s be honest, they aren’t always fun to talk about
b) I am aware that there are people that have had it a lot worse.
Which leads to…
c) I don’t want people to think I am searching for sympathy or trying to play the victim.
And finally..
d) I try to find the positive spin in everything that goes “bad”. So, it is only natural that it is the positive stuff I choose to share with you.

I have been very blessed in my life and I enjoyed sharing that, and will continue to share the good time with you all, but my life isn’t peaches and cream. I don’t want someone reading this blog to think I am some sort of mystical unicorn mom blogger. Because I am not!

My house is almost never fully clean, I burn many a meal or forget to start a meal in time, my kids have meltdowns and tempers, my husband and I don’t always agree, etc…
Life is hard and there are struggles. BUT, it those difficulties have brought us to where we are now. There is nothing wrong with  wanting you to see the good times, to celebrate them (and yes, they will still be the main focus of my stories) but I also want to be able to open up and share the hard stuff to.

So as the blog continues into the new year and I continue to share with you all, I can only hope that there is a new level of openness and realness shared with you all 🙂

Happy 2017 everyone! Here to an adventurous new year!



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